Advantages & Disadvantages of Direct Method

Advantages of Direct Method:

Chief advantages of Direct Method are mention below;

      a)    Direct Method may make the language learning experience interesting, appealing and lively since all the class always participates in the discussion.  

      b)    It is a natural method of learning. The natural order of learning a language is through the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. That is the way how children learn their L1 in natural surroundings.

     c)     The classes have much more student talk time (STT) rather than teacher talk time (TTT).

    d)    The learners who are taught English through this method express themselves adequately in spoken English because they listen to L2 more than L1 during the whole course. This can leave the learners with a sense of motivation when they need to practice, they can understand what people say and do not struggle to express themselves at the basic level. 

      e)     Language is taught by using real-life experience and the learners who learn through this method, they do not have the habit of first thinking in L1 and then translating the idea into L2.  However, the learners who are taught through the Grammar Translation Method find difficult to stop their habits of first thinking in L1 and then translation the ides into L2.

        f)      This method is very helpful in the development of good pronunciation, fluency, and power of expressions. In this method students get a chance to communicate with their teacher.  They can easily tell their problems to their teacher.

      g)    Grammar translation method teaches the knowledge of language whereas this method teaches the language itself in real use.

Disadvantages of Direct Method:

Chief disadvantages of Direct Method are mention below;

      h)    This method advances from concrete to abstract and many abstract ideas cannot be explained in a foreign language without the help of the mother tongue, much energy and time are consumed in the interpretation of ideas. So, it is not a time-saving method but a time-consuming method.

     i)       Proper justice is not done with the natural order of language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing in this method. More focus is placed on listening and speaking rather than reading and writing.

     j)      Due to the dearth of trained teachers, it causes linguistic and communicative problems between teacher and student. However, it requires a proficient teacher in the English language.

      k)    This method this not applicable in large classes because it does not fulfill the needs of the individual in big classes.

        l)       It requires a lot of energy and does not save the teacher's labor.

     m) It requires plenty of audio-visual aids and the standard of education in developing countries is very low.

       n)    It helps the students to a very small extent in sociolinguistic competence

Commentary on advantages & disadvantages:

    After examining, advantages, and disadvantages, it can be argued that the Direct Method was incredibly profitable in private schools where inspired students came to study the language. However, this method is not applicable in public schools because of the small size of the classroom, teacher background and budget problems. Moreover, it develops little communicative competence in learners.  

It is believed that the learners who learn English through the Direct Method, they can use the target language in their social life. Believers of this method say that second language acquisition is the replication of the first language. This method emerged as a movement against the Grammar Translation Method. The core principles of this method are: Grammar is taught inductively; demonstration is used to teach concrete ideas; abstract thoughts are taught via affiliation of ideas; speaking and listening skills are improved; emphasis is also placed on correct pronunciation and grammar.  

Errors are corrected at a good time because the teacher knows every correction of errors can drop the motivation level of the learners. The demand for this method is to have native-like teaching and it is very difficult to fulfill this demand. With these and other problems, this method was rejected in Europe and it paved the way for the Audio-lingualism method.  

Since the students are of elementary level, Direct Method looks to be a fabulous approach to teach the students though it. The main focus of this method is on listening and speaking skills, although pronunciation and grammar are also emphases. The direct method in language teaching became trendy by the end of the 19th century and recognized as a conceivable alternative of GTM.

This method started to use widely in schools and emerged as a response in opposition to the Grammar Translation Method which had been botched to generate learners who could articulate the foreign language basically that they had been learning. Supporters of this method say that learning a second language is the replication of the first language. A child learns the second language as he acquires his first language. Krashen says a comprehensive input requires learning the second language. He says that by enhancing the students' self-esteem, motivation, interest, and number of communicative activities the process of language learning can be improved.

Through this method teacher teaches the students orally and develop their oral communication skill, reading and writing come later. Through practical examples, the teacher tries to improve their pronunciation. Everyday vocabulary and sentences are taught to the students and grammar is taught inductively. The best way to teach students is through game-based activities. That is why; I also used many interesting activities in the lesson plan so that students' interests remain alive in the classroom and they may not feel boredom while learning.


In Direct Method Teacher’s behaviour with students should be friendly and she should not be strict on them. In this way, they will not be able to learn things properly and they form a bad image of a teacher in their minds. Teacher's strict behaviour causes an irreversible loss to their learning. I will have a partner-like relationship with my students throughout the lesson so that they can feel relaxed and comfortable in the classroom.


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